Magic Of Making Up Review

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Magic Of Making Up: Introduction

If you have ever gone through a breakup or divorce, you must know that it can be very painful and depressing. But if you breakup with a person you still love that becomes more devastating and frustrating. Breaking a relation with someone is quite simple, but repairing it is a very tough task. It keeps on hurting you mentally and so the best way to get rid of this problem is to get back your ex. However, it is difficult but a guy named TW Jackson has brought good news for such people looking to renew their relationships. He has introduced a program in the form of an e-book ‘The Magic of Making Up’ (launched in 2007) which offers solutions to all these problems.

The Magic of Making up Review is an effective guidebook which offers useful and result-oriented tips on how to get back your spouse after a disagreement, breakup or even a divorce. This book is indeed helpful for both men as well as women. There is no doubt that this book has got a tremendous response from the readers and this product has been uniquely successful in mending the relationships. It has different techniques and approaches as compared to other books on the similar subject.

 Magic of making up

About the Author

The author of this e-book is T.W. Jackson who is also been referred to as T Dub. What is amazing is the fact that although Jackson did not have any formal counselling certification or any training in this subject, yet he was able to write such a wonderful program. According to him, he gained experience in this area after dealing and interacting with different people and attributes this skill with his army connection. Besides he had some knowledge about maintaining solid relationships because he shared a strong bond with his wife and had no problem in his conjugal life since his marriage in 1996.

It is also interesting to note that T Dub wasn’t his real name but a pseudonym. His actual name was Travis Sago. Before writing this book, he was associated with internet marketing. Sago was also interested in establishing partnerships with the industry experts and where he created various products including this program.

The Contents of the Book

Now let us examine the contents of this book. The author has begun the book with a brief introduction which tells cover the readers what they can expect from the program. By going through the introduction, you can get an overview where you can straightaway analyze your relationship with your partner before moving on to the plan.

In the next section, the reader proceeds towards the main content of the book. The first chapter informs you the probable reasons that led the split in the relationship. You will come to know why some men and women finally break up which ends in separation from each other.

The next chapter is named as ‘Don’t Panic’. This is one of the major portions of the book. In this part, you will actually learn on how to calm down and control yourself. You need to cope with this difficult situation. It is important to return to normal behavior because any wrong step here can further ruin your relationship and shut the doors of repairing it, thus making the situation from worse to worst.

After you have become normal and composed, it is time to reassess your relationship. You need to focus and analyze the positive elements in your relationship, yourself as well as your partner. Similarly, you also need to access the negative aspects about the same. Now the question arises what is the purpose of doing all these? So, the answer is that it helps you to take a firm decision on whether you want to patch up with your partner or not.

In the next chapter, you begin with the initial plan of action. You get to learn how you can bring that romance factor back by initiating the changes in yourself. It teaches you how to get back the confidence and desirability.

Next the author has explained the vital role of other people in bringing an understanding between you and your partner. According to him if you want to reunite with your ex, then go on dates with other people excepting your partner. You don’t need to get into a long term relation but it has to be a very simple date. The process of reunion becomes easier if your ex also starts dating with some people.

The penultimate chapter deals with effective tips on how you can link up the lost connection with your ex. Here you get the knowledge on how to behave once that stage is achieved. Of course, you do not want to open the old wounds and so you would learn how to reignite the romantic feelings for your partner.

In the final session of the program, the author has dealt with a very sensitive issue. He gives the important lesson on how you can gracefully move on in your life if things do not fall into place that is you are unable to repair your relationship. While reading it, you can prevent from committing small flaws which often lead to post-breakup depression.

How Does the Book Work?

Now the question arises how this book help or works to reunite a separated couple. The author has offered a number how does it workof ways which are quite simple to follow. You first need to figure out what went wrong in your relationship and then work out a plan towards rebuilding it. The author has stressed on the fact that you need to think before executing any plan. For instance, if people are in a distress after a breakup, they usually try to pacify their partner by constantly calling them, sending text messages or even arguing with their ex’s family members.

According to the author, the people should start from a calm and peaceful place first by making use of techniques which others have already used. You do not have to be bashful or timid but take some time to get out of this situation and become normal. This will help you to execute your plans in a better way. The book also emphasizes to remain patient and to view the incidents from a different perspective. In short, you have to learn to become a better person.

Can the Tactics be Trusted

To answer this question in one word- Yes. The strategies suggested by the author in this book really work. It is quite a useful and effective e-book if you want to reconcile with your divorced partner or ex-lover. You will get a lot of positive reviews on the internet about this program. Several customers have expressed satisfaction as they got their ex back after trying the methods.

The author T.W. Jackson is neither a doctor nor a psychologist but rather he is a professional counselor. He wrote this book based on his experiences. He not only advice you how to reunite your relationship but also offers valuable tips on how to strengthen your bond and live a happy and healthy life. By reading this book, you can prevent any kind of breakup in the near future.

Apart from that, you can also put an end to the fear of getting rejected. The Magic of Making Up is available in the PDF format and is also supported by a video from the author. It has become worldwide popular after its launch.

Pros and Cons

Like any other product, this e-book too has some pros and cons which can be discussed in the following paragraph. Let us begin by discussing the benefits of this wonderful guidebook.

It is an incredible program for people who have had a breakup, split or divorce with their partner. In fact, it can also help to cope with lover’s rejection.

It is worth buying for both men and women.

  1. It explains the breakup or divorce realistically in an easily comprehensible language. Furthermore, it also focuses on the feeling the person goes through after. You would come to know that disagreement or breakup is not the end of the road or relationship.
  2. This book is not complicated but the author has explained everything simply and in a straightforward manner. It does not have any fancy videos or rigid presentation. What is being said is just to the point.
  3. You will find solutions related to self-problems as well as on the relationship.
  4. More importantly, this is not a new book launched in the market. It has been there since a long time and thus has gained a phenomenal response. The track record has also been impressive.
  5.  Although the book has come theoretical concepts but mainly it is based on practical lessons and actions.
  6. It has shown path even where the relationship was totally irreconcilable.

The Cons

Although the book has been incredibly successful but still it has a few flaws which can be summarized below-

  1. There are some formatting errors. There are a few issues which can be irritating when you actually confront them.
  2. Secondly, although the author has written a book mending relationship, but does not have any formal education or institutional certificate on the subject.
  3. Some people have claimed that the price of the e-book has exceeded its worth.
  4. The given email id is not working. It does not lead to many issues.

Can this book help me?

Why not? This book is meant for every person irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion or nationality. The author happy couple
has offered the effective strategies for both men and women. This will provide you with a love recipe that motivates you to reconcile and improve your relationship. However, you need to thoroughly read the book and then apply the methods sincerely. It focuses on the self healing process.

How Do I Get a Copy of this Book?

You won’t get this book physically as it is not available in any bookstore. This is an e-book which is only sold online. You can get it in digital form (PDF format) after downloading it from the website. You have to pay its price before downloading it. The cost of the book is around $39. There are no shipping charges. After getting the downloaded copy, you can save it in your personal computer, laptop or tablet and read it whenever you wish to. However, make sure you download the book from its official website only and no other source.


The Magic of Making Up has been a thoroughly successful program which has helped many men and women to resolve their personal issues and get back along well after having a breakup or divorce. The methods suggested in the book are straightforward and practical. The book has got a very good track record and is highly rated by the customers.

The book which was launched a few years ago is still going strong in the market. The author hasn’t discussed anything unnecessary but rather he has been to the point. This program will help you win over your ex even if you have broken all kinds of ties with him/her. It will provide an opportunity to consider what went wrong in your understanding if you still have some feelings for your ex. Moreover, it also helps to become a better person as your thought of looking at things will undergo a change.

It has few minor drawbacks such as it does not have a proper email system which can respond to people’s queries. But despite these issues, there is no doubt that it is one of the bestsellers and the best book on repairing relationships. Therefore, download a copy today to reunite with your ex and life a happy life thereafter.

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